Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • All fees must be paid on or before the second class of term. Fees are non-returnable and will not be remitted for absence.
  • Payment can be made via electronic bank transfer, using the child’s name as a reference (click here for banking details).
  • Cheques may be accepted for full term payments only.
  • Weekly payment is permissible in cash. If your child is absent, these weeks must still be paid. Missed payment for 2 weeks will mean your child will not be able to take part in the class.
  • A £5 administration fee will be payable when it is necessary for the school to send a reminder regarding the payment of fees.


  • Mobile telephones must be switched off during classes.
  • In the event of an accident or extreme illness and parents cannot be contacted, we are in loco parentis and we will call an ambulance unless we have received specific advice to the contrary from parents.
  • The Teacher must be notified if someone other than the parents/guardians are collecting your child.
  • No valuables to be left in the changing room/studio as the school will not accept responsibility for any losses incurred on the premises.
  • Students should not arrive at the studio earlier than 10 minutes before their class and will then be expected to behave impeccably whilst waiting.
  • Food and sticky type drinks are not permitted in the changing room or the studio.
  • All parents/students must wait in outside the hall until the end of the class.
  • Parents are not permitted to watch weekly classes. However, there are three opportunities per year to view the children’s progress in the final week of term.
  • Children will be entered for examinations at the discretion of the Teachers.
  • In the event of bad weather or Teacher absence/illness, the School will do everything possible to ensure that classes are not disrupted. However, if deemed necessary and classes do have to be cancelled, fees will not be refunded. We will endeavour to reorganise the class however this could be on any day of the week.
  • The school reserves the right to change timetables, staff, and also parent viewing days if deemed necessary.

Illness, Absence and Injury

  • It is essential that any illness or injury be reported to the school immediately.
  • Any absence due to illness or injury must be reported to the school via email at your earliest convenience, no later than 15:00 on the day of the lesson for weekday classes or 08.30 for Saturday classes.
  • Any prearranged absence due to holidays, school trips or prior commitments must also be reported via email with at least 7 days’ notice.
  • Unauthorised absence of your child for two weeks or more will result in your child’s place in the school being released.

Notice of Intention to Leave

  • At least one half term’s notice is required of the intention to remove a student from any classes. Holiday breaks are NOT included in this period.
  • Notice must be received in writing by the first lesson, if not before, of the final half a term or a full half a terms fees must be paid in lieu.
  • Verbal notice to a teacher will not, under any circumstances, be accepted.
  • If absent then the letter of notice must be posted allowing sufficient time for the school to be in receipt of the said letter by the very first lesson of term.
  • Please note that if you continue to bring your child/attend yourself then any notice is void and will need to be submitted again at the relevant time; the very first day of the final intended term. We do not operate a continuous terms notice facility.

Uniform and Hair

  • The full and correct uniform must be worn at all classes and rehearsals. Hair must be worn in a bun, ponytail or plaits. Loose hair is not allowed and pupils may be refused entry to class if hair is not off the face and the correct uniform is not worn.
  • Correct uniform consists of:
    • Modern, Tap and Contemporary: Black sleeveless leotard and optional black lycra leggings with relevant shoes. Tap shoes should only have heel taps from Grade 2 upwards.
    • Ballet: black sleeveless leotard and either pink Ballet tights or pink Ballet ankle socks and Ballet skirt with Ballet shoes.
    • Street: Trainers/dance boots/jazz shoes must be worn, any other footwear is not acceptable. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms/shorts are recommended. Jeans/denim shorts are not allowed.
  • The only sweatshirts/t-shirts permitted are the regulation school uniform.
  • Jewellery must not be worn during classes, and, for security reasons, we recommend it is not bought into the school.
  • Dance shoes must not be worn outside.


  • Parents will be notified of the school’s intention to run an exam session.
  • Confirmation will not be provided until 4 weeks before the intended date due to the NATD’s allocation of an examiner.
  • Prices of examinations will depend on grade/medal and dance style. A small fee will be added to the cost of the exams, per student, for studio hire.
  • When the School holds a dance show this will be communicated with the parents/guardians.
  • Children who fail to attend ALL show rehearsals will be excluded from the finale.

Smoking and Gum

  • These are absolutely not allowed anywhere on the premises at any time. Anyone found with either will be asked to leave the lesson.


  • The school prides itself in its discipline. If you have any problems with your child being disciplined during their time with us, it is essential that you bring this to our notice immediately as it may have implications in the acceptance of a place in the school.
  • We ask Parents to report any bullying issues in dance classes to the Teachers. This will be treated confidentially and action will be taken.

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations

  • The NATD’s Guidance on Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations for Students taking Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance is available on the NATD website. Please notify the Teachers of any disability or impairment of your child so we can act appropriately.

National Association of Teachers of Dancing

  • For further information about the National Association of Teachers of Dancing, please see their website: www.natd.org.uk